The View

Looking back now it was at a very early age that I realized my son Alfred was different. I didn’t know how or even why it just was. When his brother Joshua came along 2 yrs later.. that’s when I really started to see. This different wasn’t a bad thing. It was never a bad thing, again it just was. Al viewed the world in such a unique way. Instead of getting angry or frustrated ( which I admit happened) at why he needed ,in fact insisted things be done a certain way. I started asking him questions. The answers where usually fairly simple and made perfect sense. I just needed to stop and see there was a different way.

Alfred loved to wander away from me as a child. This wasn’t to misbehave, but I couldn’t have him get lost either. So I asked him,” Al! Why do you do this? Why can’t you stay near Mommy?” This could be at a store, taking a walk, the park etc…. He told me “Mom sometimes I can’t help it! I just have to go  touch things!”…From that point on we made a deal… if he got the urge to stop and stare or have to touch .. he needed to clue me in. Yes this made shopping trips longer, walks sometimes took forever, but I gained perspective. He let me uncover a world that was always there, I was just to blind to notice. Colors, sounds, textures…. everything was amazing. Christmas lights and how they blink, the ladies sweater walking past us 🙄, the way a bell can chime and how the sound makes waves…Alfred’s view was beautiful. It was through this view I learned how to connect with him. The answers were always right there for him to give. I just needed to ask the right question. Once you did, you could unlock a beautiful mind.

This is just one of the many gifts I was given. I learned what true patience and understanding really is. My view has forever been changed… and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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