It’s the Little Things

I can now honestly say what Bittersweet truly feels like. It is harder on some days to not get stuck. Today was one of them. 

I will forever miss your handwritten cards. I always told my children that words from the heart mean more then a fancy store bought card. This is the truth, but I also knew just how hard it was for Alfred to write. He just flat out hated it. The thought of writing or even knowing beforehand how much writing he would have to do could set him in a “meltdown”. Al would see the blank paper and view it as an overload of space to fill. Then having so many ideas racing through his mind and trying to break them down into smaller parts of info, well this was confusing to him. To him all the info was important not just some of it. Next would be coming up with the first sentence. Then the problem of remembering how to form each letter. Then form the letters into a word, but also having it done neatly.( Now we also had poor muscle tone and a weak pencil grip, which makes our hands tired very easily. )Figuring all of this out, yes it was stressful… but needed to be done. So I started to scribe for him. I took the stress out of writing for the moment and let his ideas run free. It was quite impressive once we both got the hang of it😊. After I would take his notes , we worked on our sentence structure. Once I rewrote all his verbal work, I would have him copy it. Yes, sometimes there would still be meltdowns, but we got through them. Sometimes his work would be handed in late, but he still did it! Eventually this became our routine. It was rough… but yeah…. when I got my special hand written card all on his own… it was pretty special 💙
We moved Mountains Bud… one word at a time. Thank you for teaching me there are other ways to learn💕. The little things like a handwritten birthday card, are some of my greatest treasures.


One thought on “It’s the Little Things”

  1. I think of you every 21st (and every other day) and I know you are nowhere near okay but I hope these writings are helping. They’re really touching. Love you😘

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