​​This was not how I imagined my sons HighSchool Graduation. He earned his diploma! I needed to hear his name being called along with the rest of his class. As hard at it was sitting there staring at his empty chair,draped in his cap n gown… I needed to be there. I needed to have this moment for him. 

I was numb sitting there…. the memories of getting Al ready for the first day of kindergarten played over in my head. Then I remembered something… I don’t ever remember a time when Al was afraid to leave me. In fact I don’t ever remember him being scared, anxious or nervous about anything. If he wanted to do something, well he just did it. If he didn’t , well then he didn’t. It was very black and white. Was school difficult for Al? At times yes, so we found a different way. No he did not get straight A’s…he could have very easily, but like I said…if Al wanted to do something he did it, if not then he didnt.(ugh,yes it was a battle as a Mother ) 

When I heard my sons named called, so many thoughts and memories flooded in. He did it, he earned it and I am proud of him for it. All of his hard work, I couldn’t just let his named be mentioned. I needed him to matter. So I put my nerves aside and stood up because I wanted to for him. Together we moved Mountains… one letter,one sentence one grade level at a time. 

You did it Al…and I will always be proud of you💙


2 thoughts on “Graduation ”

  1. Beautiful Kristi! My heart is with you. God Bless you and your family. I didn’t know Al as an adult I only remember him as a great little kid, which I am sure continued as he was growing up.

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