Literally! A Good Memory 

Years ago when my Alfred and Joshua were on a Father son summer bowling league. They each bowled with their Dad and Uncle. When it came time for them to get ready to leave each week their little brother would get upset if he saw the bowling bags. In knowing this I decided to be smart and sneak them out of the littlest ones sight. Soon their Uncle would be arriving to pick them up for bowling. I say to my son Al …”Hey go downstairs and get your bowling stuff.. Go out the back door and wait your Uncle, text me when you get there.”

Well not 2 minutes later I received a text from my son simply saying ” We’re here”..???

Confused by this text I stop and think to myself …. look out the front window… sure enough my 2 boys are out front waiting to be picked up by their Uncle. I laughed so hard I cried and am laughing now at the memory! When they all came home and I got to speak with my son… I told him what I meant was to text me when they were all at the bowling ally… He smiled and said “Oh I get it!”

It’s moments like this that made me listen to myself. Yes finding the humor made our days so much easier. Having those ” Ah Ha ” moments in between taught us both great things. What I learned was that being literal isn’t a bad thing… it really taught me to say what I mean.. having a son with Aspergers who took things so very literally and him having a Mom full of sarcasm, taught him that’s it’s ok to make mistakes. Most of all to laugh at them. We sure did laugh kiddo 💙

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep me in your heart I will stay there forever “-Pooh


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