Staying Thankful

( I am unable to post video on here but will attach in comments on my FB page)

The video is pictures of my son And the song is by Mark Schultz ” He’s My Son”

I made this years ago while fighting for answers for my son Alfred. I have cried over the years watching this video. Tears of sadness because I understood the struggle. Tears of joy because I got to look back and see just how far we had come.
As the years past every time April would come I would post this video as a reminder of the hurdles that we overcame, and yes even the set backs. My plan was to make an updated video after Alfred graduated….. sadly I didnt get the chance. That doesnt mean he didnt accomplish great things, because he sure did!

Today was a hard day. Plain and simple. Tomorrow may be easier or I might simply get stuck.Either way is ok. Today I spent my first Thanksgiving without my son. I spent the day surrounded by love, but I still found myself searching for him. In doing so I came across this video.

It reminded me to stay Thankful! I am so humbled and gratful for every single minute we had together. Even in the bad we were both still learning and discovering. As sad and heartbroken as I so truly am, I couldnt be more thankful and gratful for ever second I had with Alfred 💙


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