Elise and a Duck

Now to get Alfred to share any part of his day with me could sometimes be like pulling teeth. Not because he didn’t want to, more like he didn’t know how too. Even better, more like I just wasn’t asking the right question. If he could give a “yes” or “no”answer well then that’s what I what get. It kind of makes you think as a parent…How often do we do this ? Well it taught me how to ask the right question…and even to pause and wait for an answer. If we answer for our children, we are really just listening to ourselves talk. Basically hearing what we want to hear. I didn’t , I truly wanted to hear what he had to say! I want to listen to what all my children have to say…this was a good life skill to develop.

In learning to do this, I in return have the best laughs and smiles at the things I “unlocked”….

One December when Alfred was around age 9, he came home from school. The house was halfway decorated for Christmas. I had Christmas music playing  and was singing and being silly with Al. He says ,” Mom I have a new favorite Christmas song!” I say,” Oh! You do, what’s the name of it?”….. Al….”Elise and a Duck”…..???? I stay there thinking….” Elise and a Duck? Bud I’ve never heard that one. How does it go?”

….Al starts to sing in a familiar tune🎤,”Elise and duck….. Elise and a duck”…. At first I was at a loss, I had no clue of this song, but the tune as so very off beat as it was..ugh what was this ???

Then BAM!!!! I smile ! It hit me…. I say,” Alfred!, it’s called Felize Navidad!” … I let him know they are singing in Spanish… we both had a good belly laugh.

All these years later… Our family still sings ” Elise and Duck”…. and yes it’s one of my favorites.

These are just of few of the many stories and blessings I have to share. My puzzle piece was my Masterpiece 


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