The Wooden Whistle 

Tonight was the first time I had to fill out a signature for the family without his name. Tomorrow morning will be the first time I won’t get the ” Top of the stairs photo!” This is me grieving… and I allow myself that!

When I find myself in a “stuck” moment I try to find some sort of comfort . This can be a picture, a memory , a piece of chocolate….. sometimes I grasp at straws. Tonight I was comforted by other Aspies. I watched a documentary and the main characters just all happened to have Aspergers. Again I am humbled by what I continue to learn. I see more clearly the voice I need to be! I will get there, I just need more time.

Here’s my Alfred thought of the night—Alfred loved corny jokes all the way from Seinfeld to his own “Funny Pop-Pop”. I have heard the same jokes over and over again.  They by no means are funny, but Alfred ate them up as a kid. I always thought he was just being polite when hearing his Pop -Pop tell  jokes he has heard before and give a laugh. This remained true until the day after my sons funeral service. You see the high school held their own day to remember my son. They sang songs and gave speeches in which they shared memories I have never known about. Then came   ” The Wooden Whistle” story.  Now  myself as well as my brother growing up have heard this story more times then we can count. To hear it recited by a classmate and friend of Alfred’s well that’s just classic! To know that Al  made his friends laugh and love him for it…. that’s my hearts treasure. ❤

……I had a Wooden Whistle, and it wouldn’t whistle!…So I got a steel whistle……and it steel wouldn’t let me whistle!…. Then I got a TIN WHISTLE……


Sorry Dad I’m still not laughing😊… but this by far is my favorite joke ever told💕


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