The Year 

As the new year is approaching I can’t help but want to hold on to 2016. This will forever be “The Year”.  This year has been filled with so much hurt and pain. Why wouldn’t I just want it to be over with? Well for 4 months and 18 days of the year 2016 ,  I still had my son Alfred in them. I don’t want to leave them behind. So I choose to take him with me. When the ball drops and 2017 is here, I will be out banging my pots n pans, toasting with our sparkling grape juice and yelling Happy New Year! Not because I feel like celebrating, but because it’s what we do as a family. Alfred loved this part. So we will yell extra loud this year for him.

I had the joy of being able to work at my old job with my son Alfred. I was able to see him learn and handle responsibility. It was a new relationship for both of us. He was able to see into my world as well. I remember Al saying to me once,” Mom it’s really fun to see you be a real person and not just my Mom…. and you know Mom!!! You’re really funny.”🤗

Al may have got the job opportunity for being my son, but he did his job well. He was loved and accepted, by a special group I call my work family….for just being Al. We learned a lot from each other within those almost 2 yrs of working together. I am lucky to have had that experience with him. We both worked a long and hard night last New Years Eve. We made it home in time to celebrate with the rest of our house. We toasted and rang in the New Year, tired feet and all. 

When the ball drops this year and 2017 is here.. I will be raising my glass to you son! This will forever be a new journey, but you are coming with me every step of the way💙


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