Party of 5?

About 2 weeks or so after the loss of my son Alfred we went out to eat. I figured a change of scenery, plus I had nothing to cook,  so it would be good for us all… I was never so wrong in my life. It didn’t even hit me until it happened…” How many in your party?” It punched me in the gut… I didn’t answer… I couldn’t.. my party of 5 was now a party of 4. Now normally I love people watching. This day was not one of them. Seeing and hearing people be happy it was too much. Part of me wanted to stand up and scream …”What’s wrong with you people?? Don’t you know what we have just been through?”…. but that’s just it! You never know what the person next to you is going through. This is why I try my hardest to smile at people I pass by. We did end up having some good family time durning our meal together. Even though we all managed to eat something, we were all left feeling empty. 

Going to a restaurant with Alfred well… let’s just say it was an experience. Al loved diners. He loved the idea of eating breakfast for dinner. Al just needed things a certain way, and from about age 5 on  he ordered as such. He never wanted any breakfast meat and never any toast. Unless I was making breakfast sandwiches. If he ordered 3 scrambled eggs, well then that’s all he wanted on his plate. If homefries were on his plate.. sometimes he was headed out the door. Al learned to adjust a little better ( to a point) but I also learned to let server know 3 eggs means just 3 eggs. 

Here are some of the best Alfred orders ever known

Al- ” I would like 3 eggs scrambled please.”

Server- ” would you like any sides or meat with that?”

Al- ” No Thank you, and I don’t eat meat from restaurants.”

Server (smiling)” How about toast?”

Al-” I only eat toast on Sundays.”


Alfred- ” I would like shrimp and eggs!”

Server-“oh! And how would you like them?”

Alfred-” I want my eggs hot and my shrimp cold!”
I loved watching him express himself. The way he ordered food was just one of the ways he made me and whom ever else he was with smile. I love my memories but I  will forever miss my Party of 5.


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