Standing Still

I love to go fishing. The messy part of baiting and cleaning I could do without. It’s the part of just being still and patient that I like. No distractions, or loud noise, just calmness. It was in these moments of calmness that I learned how to communicate better with my son Alfred. We didn’t need a lot of spoken words to speak to each other. Alfred ( if interested) was always watching. He learned how to unlock door bolts and open every kind of baby gate by age 1 . He was always studying us. He learned better by watching, and I loved watching him learn. When his world was calm and quiet, he let me in the most. No we didn’t have to speak, I enjoyed the silence with him. While sometimes in that silence he would share what he was discovering. The sounds and different songs of the birds, the way the water ripples, a bug climbing up a branch. I have learned so much by taking the time to stand still. Catching some fish was just an added bonus.

I find myself standing still more and more since the loss of my son. It’s still just my way of connecting , listening and learning from him.💙

“Original minds are not distinguished by being the first to see a new thing, but instead by seeing the old, familiar thing that is over-looked by something new.”-F. N.


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