True Colors

Nine months!!! That’s how long I had to wait to meet you. When I found out about you I was young and scared. Scared for all the normal reasons….. Would I make a good Mom? Could we afford everything you needed? Just questions and normal first time parent nerves. I remember hearing your heartbeat for the first time. I remember seeing your image on the screen. I remember how happy I felt to feel you kick for the first time … and also how uncomfortable it made me a few months later. All the build up, all the questions, all the worry…. and yet everything about the day you arrived was so calm. They told me it was time to push and then there you were. The only one crying when we first met was me. There you finally were wrapped up tight in my arms calm and peaceful as could be. In that moment nothing else mattered and still remains true. With one look into each other’s eyes I knew! I knew everything was going to be ok. I knew I would always do my best for you… I knew I was blessed to be your Mom…. I knew what love truly is.❤️

Today marks 9 months since I lost my son Alfred.  Although I have felt every minute without him, it all feels like a blink of time. He still always had that quiet calm about him. It’s something I learned from him that I could use more of. 

Alfred you will forever be my ” FREE BIRD ” and your  “TRUE COLORS” were amazing and beautiful to see💙


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