My Memory Box

You know how we save special things and store them away in a box to keep as a memory . Could be a special note, award, flower etc. Writing is for me my memory box. The more I write I not only get to share my sons journey and keep his spirit alive… I am able to see my journey as well. I am going to be completely honest…Some mornings it’s really hard just to get up out of bed. I wake up and remember each morning that it’s another day I need to start without my son Al here. So I try to think of a good “Alfred” memory or listen for the sound of his voice in my mind. Again being honest… some mornings it’s even to hard to do that. So sometimes when my head is just to clouded to think. I go back and read my writings. Some that I have shared and some that I have not… and it has helped 😌
Now like I have said before, Alfred was a tell it how it is type of guy/kid. Always! If you were around him enough you understood he never meant any harm.  Al was never trying to be rude , just always being honest.

While waiting for a turn to fly a kite that his Pop -Pop worked so hard to get to try to stay in air…. running up and down and back and forth… It just wouldn’t fly. Alfred says “Well I guess you are the only one who gets to have all the fun!!”

When being able to play on his Aunt’s lap top,but given certain rules the computer screen goes down. Trying to figure out over and over what he could of done, his aunt asked him what button he  pushed . Every time Alfred would say , “I didn’t push any buttons!”… this goes on for a good while.. finally his aunt says Al just me show me what you did!!!! Al leans over and closes the lap top screen( which made screen go black) His Aunt asked ” Al why didn’t you tell me that when I ask you?”…. his response ” you didn’t ask me that… you asked if I pushed any buttons!”

All times when it would be easy to get frustrated or even angry….. but if you understood his way…. you would join in laughing too. ❤ I appreciate my family for always accepting Alfred… and always joining in the laughs❤ because they really were some great ones.
“As long as I live, you will live. As long as I live you will be remembered. As long as I live you will be remembered “💙


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