The Growl

Call me selfish if you must, but I have loved being the only woman in the house. Having all boys has made me not only stronger, but softer in a way too. I have been blasted with more Nerf darts then I can count. I have discovered new levels of gross smells that I didn’t know existed. Yet I have been the first love to 3 young men’s hearts. This to me is priceless 💕

Alfred had a very gentle side and would help anyone who needed. He also had an abrupt side too. If you were around him long enough you would know what his famous ” Alfred growl” sounded like.It was a low pitched deep rumble sound. Never disrespectful, just enough to know when he was a little annoyed. Not following the rules, asking to many questions or just being too loud usually triggered the growl. Al’s youngest brother tended to bring the growl out the most😂. Alfred was very literal and a stick to the rules type of guy . Having a curious, question filled…non pants wearing ( this drove Alfred nuts) 10 yrs younger brother ,was challenging for him. Listening to a debate between a determined 5 yr and a matter of fact 16 yr could either drive you insane or into uncontrollable laughter.. it was always a toss up. In the times when they weren’t arguing with each other, they were both great brothers together. Alfred had way of showing details to Evan. When they did build towers, go on frog hunts or simply bake cookies –it was amazing to see Alfred take the lead. When Evan would get a new toy, Al was great at figuring out things and showing the right way to use it. Alfred having Evan was good for him. Evan challenged Al to be flexible.. and though not always easy , he learned how to. I am so lucky to have been able to have a front row seat to watch .

 I will forever miss Evan saying ” Alfred stop telling me!!!”…. and Alfred saying ” Evan! Could you  not!”


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