I Know…and it’s OK

I know and it’s ok….I know you all have been thinking of me and my family. I know you may not know what to say …I’m letting you know it’s all OK!! I wouldn’t know what to say or how to act around me either…

I lost my son, I am a different me. There’s is no denying that, but I am still me. So you can talk to me… You can especially talk to me about Alfred! Trust me it makes me feel happy to hear that you remember him. You are not making me upset. The pain, well  it’s already there. Guess what? You can talk to me about other stuff too. Your life is just as important to me as well. It helps me to feel included and human again. Please don’t over think for me. If something is to much .. trust me I will let you know. Some days are better then others. Then again some days just down right stink. It’s going to happen, so just bear with me. The love and support our family has received has been amazing. It has helped more then you can possibly know. I thank you all, and love you for it. ❤


In the dark,

Found light

Brighter than many ever see.


Within herself,

Found loveliness,

Through the souls own mastery.

And now the world receives 
From her dower,

The message of the strength,

Of inner power. ” –

L Hughes


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