My Woodpecker 

About 2 days after Alfred’s funeral I was sitting on my front porch. Out of no where the biggest most colorful woodpecker was in front of me. I had only ever seen small little brown ones in the woods before. Here was this big Red and Blue Woody Woodpecker… making as much noise as he could. 
Now I do believe in signs. I remember even having conversations with Alfred about how different things can be signs from love ones… a song, a smell or a small bird like a robin or cardinal.

After eating up 2 big tree stumps and hanging around for my morning coffee for a little over a week Woody left. I don’t care what anyone says … Woody was my sign. Most people get rainbows, doves or butterflies. Not me .. I got a Woodpecker 😂. I wouldn’t expect anything different 💙

Thinking outside the box…. marching to his own beat… a horse of another color…

How ever you want to see it… that was Alfred!
I used idioms a lot to help Al understand sarcasm. I myself being made of 99.9 % sarcasm and having a son who was 100% literal… well we needed a common ground. There were times when I would say ,”stop pulling my leg” …. to have Al reply “but I’m not touching your leg” Yes I literally had to break every joke and scene on tv down sometimes. I was for a time his “google”, to the best of my ability. I had to explain no one was really being hurt, and sometimes they could fake it to make it funny… then the lightbulb would come on and he got it!!! 

Reading silly books, watching Bugs Bunny cartoons… and his all time favorite … The Three Stooges…. These all helped teaching him humor and sarcasm. He didn’t have to try, he could just laugh. Old classics quickly became his favorites. I remember the first time watching Young Frankenstein with him… he had to of been no older then 11….. but he loved it. I loved watching and hearing him laugh. When Al had the chance he loved using sarcasm in his own way. You see Al had a unique delivery with his jokes or sayings. He had a way of taking everyday sayings and making them his own. All of which I miss and were truly actually funny. 

Thank you for my Woodpecker. I am forever holding on to my signs and memories filled with you 💙💙💙


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