My Awareness 

April is Autism Awareness Month. This is my side, how I feel, what I have dealt with, what I know as a Mom. 
When I look back and think of everything, yes I can see it. When I became aware of it, that’s a different story. I will never forget it…. I will never forget how I felt in the exact moment I truly ” knew” something was different. It was kindergarten graduation. Everyone was lined up and singing the songs that they had been practicing for weeks. Al knew them. I heard him sing them. I practiced with him…. but he wasn’t singing. In fact he was checking out the whole stage. The lights hanging above, how the curtains connected, the background…. The whole ceremony he was in his own world.

I cried, and I cried hard… I was scared . I was scared and worried of the unknown, but I had one thing on my side now…. I was now AWARE!!!!
We are all at this point Aware of autism and Aspergers. This is a good thing. It took me along time to discovery what is now readily available. Now is the time for understanding and acceptance to pave its way into our lives. Take the time to listen instead of judge. You know that kid on your child’s soccer team. The one that’s clapping and flapping their arms? Understand that’s he or she is doing so because they are happy. Take the time to walk over and introduce yourself and child to his/her mom on the sidelines. She knows and is aware that her child is being judged. Many of our children’s classes now have inclusion classes join them for certain subjects and activities. How hard would it be invite just one if not all to your child’s next birthday party? It’s the small matters of our everyday lives that can make the most impact. 

My Awareness of Aspergers has forever changed me. I didn’t have to nor would I ever want to change my son Alfred. It was me that needed to change and accept. Once I did, my world became a better place💙


2 thoughts on “My Awareness ”

  1. When my daughter was very young and in soccer moms would ask “oh which one is yours?” Always, it was “oh, mine’s the one inspecting the grass.” Or “mine’s the one chasing the butterfly” or “mines the one sitting down with a ladybug”. 10 years later and She still would rather be nose deep in the grass with a bucket full of bugs. Awareness moments are difficult. I’ve had so many, my husband, my son, me….my daughter. It’s tough. But good.

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