Don’t Smile

This has been a year filled with many first but also many last. Easter was the last holiday we all got to spend together. My “Party of 5″.  The little everyday things just are not the same. As I shopped for candy and special basket treats, my heart ached. Only buying 2 instead of 3 brought me to tears. He is not grown and out of the house. He is not away at school. My Alfred is gone, this is a feeling that will forever remain. 

When Alfred was younger I would hate sending him to school in a bad or upset mood. This could usually set the tone for the rest of his day. So I would try to make him feel better or make him laugh. One sure way was to tell him that we were not allowed to smile. The rule was no smiling and absolutely 100% no laughing. This usually made him walk alittle ahead of me so I couldn’t see his face. In return I will yell from behind him … ” Whatever you do please don’t smile!!!!” He would try his hardest to remain angry and hated when I could make him crack. It never took long for me to next yell,” I know you are smiling because I can see your ears go up!”😂 He would then turn around laughing and smiling, we would hug and he was off for his day.

Dying our Easter eggs and playing our family game of Epper were some favorites of Als.  Dont worry Bud , I will be dying an ugly egg just for you💙

This was a picture from last Easter.. right before I snapped it I yelled “Nobody Smile!”


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