The Power of Patience 

Sometimes I can literally hear the circus music playing in the background… I am not trying to put on a show but then again sometimes I have too…!!!

My hair is grey… the bags under my eyes could tell you stories for days…..but..

My laugh…..well thats still mine. I cry when I feel the need, and the purge is a good release…. but I laugh often… sometimes maybe to often…. but that’s just me. Finding the humor has always been my defense … but has helped keep me sane. 

When you have children you learn the true meaning of patience. Alfred needed me to be patient, tested my patience , and really showed me what patience was. Yet I had to teach him what patience was. He easily lost his a lot when it came to certain things. Being told to do to many things at once, feeling rushed, school work, a little brother, the family dog barking…..all small things to you and me, but they could cause him to feel very overwhelmed, annoyed and rigid. One of the things that had a very calming affect on Al were cats. He loved them, and they loved him back. Our family cat is from our local cat shelter. From the time we entered the shelter, this cat followed Al as we looked at the many there to choose from. Our cat “The Governor” choose Al, and they shared a great bond. Cats do not demand a lot of attention, but they do require patience. Watching them together, you could see the unspoken bond. Alfred went on to even volunteer at the shelter the following year as part of a school project. He would do the work needed and asked of him. Mostly cleaning litter boxes and mopping. Which he hated.. and shared how much so with me, but he loved going. He would stay after his required time just so he could have time to play with all the cats. He found a connection and he found a patience 
I didn’t get to see Alfred’s Senior Project PowerPoint presentation until after his passing. It’s was perfectly Alfred to say the least. He had a way of finding the humor while still being the most literal person I know😌


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