Convos and Understanding 

I really do get a sense of relief when I meet or talk to someone who understands what this feels like. It’s a group no one wants to join, but a bond between bereaved parents is instantly formed. There’s a calming comfort in knowing there is no judgement, just pure understanding.

Does this mean if you have not lost a child you are unimportant to me? Absolutely false! This just means it’s ok to ask me questions. I do not want you to ever truly know what this pain feels like. It really is a nightmare, but I can’t expect you to understand…. if we can’t talk about it.  ( yes it’s ok to talk about it)

This  also couldn’t be more true when it comes to Aspergers. When you meet someone who understands…. it’s like an automatic high five! Again everyone has a different story, but when you can feel a sense of common understanding…. it’s a relief. 

Again, does this mean if you have never heard of or are uneducated about Aspergers that we cannot be close or even have a conversation? Umm… again that’s a negative… I would actually like hearing what you think or even sharing my side of the journey. 

I am not an expert. I am just me. I have lost a child. Not just any child….My Child…  I also know what it’s like to parent a child with Aspergers, but again not just any child …My Child… 

Here is an Alfred memory, but it was shared to me by my youngest son Evan… It just goes without saying … I love when others talk about Al too…

– Here is Evan’s memory-  Mom one hot summer day I was swimming in my pool. Josh finished his chores and was in the pool with me. Al was mowing the grass and it was really hot. When he got done- Mom—-… you know what Alfred did? He just jumped in the pool with all his clothes on!!! I loved when he was silly like that…. it made me laugh Mom- ❤️

You have shown me a better view and I will continue to see as you taught me. There is not a minute that passes where you are not with me. Whether it be a memory of you or something that makes me say ,” I wish Al could see this!” I miss your everything. You were given to me for a purpose… I will continue our journey with you forever in my heart.. and sharing the view💙💙💙”


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