Searching for Hope

From the first line to the last this song touched my heart. It spoke volumes to me. “This is me!!”, I said. Instead I would change the word “sing” to the word “write“. I will continue to write about Alfred💙

This song is from the movie The Shack . I must admit I have watched it twice so far. The second time was even harder then the first. I did have to pause the movie and takes some breaks. It just hits that close to home. If you have lost someone close watch this movie! If you have lost a child… you really need to watch this movie.

I have spent some time within my grief searching. I find myself doing this often. This song helped me uncover what it is I am searching for… the answer is Hope! I have faith . I haven’t lost my faith, but it is easy to lose hope. So on days when I am feeling hopeful and even on the ones when I feel a little hopeless I write about my Alfred.

“My Hope of knowing one day we will be together again is what keeps me going… until that day my son I keep you forever in my heart”


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